Products: 8 Inputs and 8+4 outputs with RS485 communications DXIO-62

  • Atmel ATMega164p family Flash Micro-controller based module (44pin TQFP)
  • Operating Voltage: 10-30V D.C.
  • P.C.B. Dimensions 137mm x 74mm x ~33mm
  • 8 Analog or digital inputs (NC, NO or up to 30Vdc Input)
  • Input termination resistors can be terminated at 0 Volts or +5 Volts (Pull up or pull down)
  • 8 Open collector outputs, 500mA max each. 4 Open drain outputs with 30A mosfets. (Please note that maximum continous current for the module should not exceed 4A).
  • 4 DIP switches to set address or other parameters
  • RS485 driver built in or RS232, USB or Ethernet with interface module. 2nd USART available
  • Standard Atmel 6 pin programming connector to program Flash memory for development
  • Pluggable screw terminals

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