About Us

Ampertronics Pty Ltd is a long-running business that had it's beginning in the early 70's by offering part time design and contract assembly to the electronics industry trading as Ampertronics.

In 1991, the business was incorporated and began to offer a range of services, including PCB design, Electronic design, Software development for micro-controllers, on-site assistance for Electrical contractors and contract assembly of high quality electronic products.

To expedite the development of new products, Ampertronics has developed core platforms which have a variety of applications, and which can provide very cost-effective customisations for particular needs. With a wide range of experience in the electronics field, we have been able to assist many clients. Whilst some of the products designed by us have been manufactured in many thousands, we are quite comfortable with the special, one-off project.

We pride ourselves in maintaining high levels of contact with clients and customers and a capacity and reputation for high quality, innovative, problem solving products.